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Condé Gas Engine Vacuum Units

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  • provac3powerpak
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  • Super6Powerpak
  • ultrapowerpak

Condé Gas Engine Vacuum Units

Condé Gas Engine Vacuum Units are designed to use with vacuum tank systems. These units are ideal for truck systems that require auxiliary power. Gas units are complete and require only a line from the vacuum pump to the tank for installation. If you have a tank, we have a complete vacuum unit ready for easy and quick installation to get your system up and running fast. All gasoline powered units are complete with relief valves and supplied with oil catch muffler. As with all vacuum systems, a primary shut-off and secondary moisture trap should be installed in the line from the pump to the tank. Check out our "ACCESSORIES" page for the correct parts to complete your system.

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Condé ProChock – ProVac Tranpsort

The New Condé ProChock is the most efficient way to transport the Condé ProVac Industrial Pumpout Station from JOB to JOB. Safely secures your PorVac on your trailer, pickup bed etc. Allows you to securely hold down or release the unit in seconds. Simply engage four spring pins and tighten - two knobs to hold…
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Condé Dry Air Pumps and Units

The following represent standard Conde Models available. Westmoor Ltd. can also alter or custom design pumps and units for your individual requirements. Open Drip, TEFC and Explosion Proof motors are amoung many of the options available. Where dry, clean, pulse-free air is needed for medium vacuums and low pressures at high air flows. Conde Model…
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